The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District does sump pump inspections to prevent illegally connected sump pumps from flooding the public sewer system.  Sump pumps connected to the public sewers have been found in the Iowa Great Lakes area to cause back up into private homes and to cause bypasses of wastewater to the area lakes causing concerns for public health.

During this inspection the Sanitary District staff will look for sump pumps, downspouts, and other possible ways ground or surface water can get into the public sewer system.

Sump pump inspections may be done:

  1. Before a property is purchased to verify there are no issues with an illegal connections.
  2. During Sanitary Districts maintenance inspection of the sewer system it appears there is an illegal connection.
  3. If a section of the collections system is having higher then expected flows after rain event or during a time with saturated soils.

To schedule a inspection use the link below: