Swimming pools are good recreational fun for the  summer.  In the Iowa Great Lakes area we have several permanent pools both indoors and outdoors.  Pools can cause issues when connected to the public sewer system.  The Sanitary District has had issues with pools discharging to a sewer main with a pump that flooded the public sewer and flooded a sewer lift station.  Situations like this can lead to sewer backups into private property or bypassed to the area lakes.

Currently the Sanitary District is only allowing connections the filters to be back washed from permeant pools.  All of the drains must go to another area or be surface discharged.

The Sanitary District has been looking at options for allowing for additional pool discharges.  The situation is all pools are different and the sewers they may connect to are also all different.  The Sanitary District will continue to evaluate the situation.