South Center Lake Sewer Project

The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District was setup in the 1930’s to protect and improve the Iowa Great Lakes water quality and public health of residents and the visitors to the area.  Since the first system was installed by the WPA the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District has slowly worked around all of the lakes.  The South Center Lake Sewer Project and is currently being designed will circle the last lake in the Iowa Great Lakes Chain with Sanitary Sewer.

This project became a higher priority due to the impairments on Center Lake that were identified by the Iowa DNR Water Quality Section during a study of the lake.  Center Lake was listed as an impaired water body due to the extensive blue green algae blooms on the lake that are caused by excessive nutrients in the lake.  Several urban storm water projects have been done on the north and east side of the lake.  The septic tanks were also identified as contributing to the water quality issues on Center Lake.

The Sanitary District is taking on this project to continue with it mission of protecting the Iowa Great Lakes water quality and the public health of those that use the lakes.  The sewer project design process has just been approved and is just getting started.

Presentation from Informational Meeting Presentation April 1, 2020

Residents/Property Owners  in the Southern Area of Center Lake can sign up to be contacted below:

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