Properties connected directly to the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District system are the entire cities of Orleans, Okoboji, West Okoboji and Wahpeton.  The Sanitary District also covers all the county areas around the Iowa Great Lakes.  The Sanitary District does have a few connections in the Cities of Spirit Lake, Arnolds Park and Milford.  The Sanitary District staff is willing to answer any questions about connections.

If a property has a building permit issued that is going to expand the use of a structure that is connected to the Sanitary District's system, the sewer line will need to have a camera inspection completed.  The Sanitary District staff MUST BE PRESENT for the camera inspection.  The inspection will ensure that the pipe is air and water tight, has the correct materials and has not other issues.

To schedule a camera inspection, please contact local contractor with a sewer push camera.  They will notify the Sanitary District and we can schedule the inspection from that point.  The Sanitary District encourages the property owners to be present, but it is not required.