Current Open Job Positions

APPLICATION PERIOD: January 1 – February 1 2019 at 4:00 pm


OBJECTIVE: Perform skilled, semi-skilled, and manual work as assigned in the operation and maintenance of wastewater collection system facilities and equipment.

RELATIONSHIPS: Reports to Collection System Superintendent, Plant Superintendent, or District Superintendent as assigned. This position has no regular supervisory responsibilities.


1. Perform maintenance on sewer lines. Rod, jet, vactor, CCTV, and flush sewer lines and clean manholes according to preventive maintenance schedule.
2. Perform smoke testing on sewer lines, report findings, and make temporary repairs.
3. Perform maintenance on lift stations, check and observe operation. Clean and lubricate equipment as scheduled or as needed. Perform mechanical and electrical checks, maintenance, and
repair work. Replace pump seals, pull and overhaul pumps, troubleshoot equipment.
4. Perform repair and emergency repair work as assigned. Including work on sewer lines and lift stations to repair breaks, blockage, and equipment failure.
5. Perform standby duty to handle emergency call outs during off duty hours.
6. Perform maintenance and trouble shooting on telemetry system including use of laptop computer to access system programming, repair and replacement of failed parts and equipment.
7. Operate equipment as assigned including trucks, tractors, trailer jet, rodder, Vactor, CCTV, and portable generator. Also operate various hand tools including air hammer, welder, and
impact wrenches.
8. Perform sewer main and private service connection inspection and Iowa One Call locates.
9. Perform duties at the wastewater treatment plant as assigned.
10. Perform vehicle and equipment maintenance and repairs.
11. Other jobs and duties as assigned.


1. Knowledge and experience in collection system and lift station operation and maintenance including knowledge of potential hazards and required safety precautions.
2. Knowledge of sewer cleaning equipment and procedures.
3. Mechanical and electrical expertise concerning pumps, electrical relays and contacts, control devices, and telemetry equipment.
4. Knowledge of construction methods and equipment including the potential hazards and necessary safety precautions.
5. An ability to understand and interpret drawings and specifications and O&M manuals.
6. Human relation skills with coworkers and customers.
7. The ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions.
8. The ability to legally and safely operate motor vehicles, tractors, and related equipment including the ability to obtain the necessary CDL license and endorsements within sixty days of
9. Ability to effectively handle the physical demands of the job including lifting, carrying, and climbing.
10. Demonstrate a high degree of self-motivation and an ability to use common sense.
11. Ability to obtain a Grade I wastewater operator’s license within 18 months of employment.
12. Complete reports as to include but not limited to daily work reports, service line connection and camera inspection reports, over time reports, accident reports as required within the time
line established by the District Superintendent.
13. To report to work and leave work at the time designated by the District Trustees. Planned lost time to be arranged with the Collection System Superintendent in advance in accordance with
the current Employee, Benefit and Wage Agreement. Unexpected lost time is to be reported promptly to the Collection System Superintendent prior to the beginning of your work period.
14. You are expected to perform your assigned duties during the entire schedule for which compensation is being received. If you finish with the assigned duties you are to report to the
Collection System Superintendent for further direction.