2024 Planned Capital Improvements

These are the planned improvements for 2024.  The planned spending of $10,000,000 for this calendar year.

South Center Core Improvements

This project will look to improve sewer capacity in the line next to the existing sewer line from the wastewater treatment plant, north through Hunter Hills, Fairways At Emerald Hills South, Emerald Hill Golf Course and Emerald Pines Subdivision.

The project will look at installing a new sewer line next to the existing 30 inch sewer pipe and manholes.  The purpose is to create capacity for future development and improve the ability to clean the sewer line.  This project could take over a year to get completed.

The plan is to use SRF Funding for this project with an estimated project cost of $8,000,000.


The wastewater programmable logic controller (PLC) project is to replace all the PLC's and power supplies in the wastewater treatment plant.  The PLC's have a automated program that ensures that the processes for wastewater treatment and completed with little oversite from operators.  The plant PLC's will be over 10 years old and need to be updated.  The estimated cost for this project is $1,000,000.



The design project is to replacement the lift station at Garlock Slough.  The lift station is currently a submersible pump lift station with two pumps.  The plan is to change this to a dry well/ wet well lift station and to have three pumps instead of two pumps.  Additionally the design will look at installing variable frequency drives or VFD's pumps at this lift station.  The goal is to have this site sized for development for the next 50 years for areas of Emerson Bay, Wahpeton, and the Egralharve areas.  This is the last lift station for wastewater from these areas, before the wastewater goes to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


The west side interceptor improvements is in conjunction with the Garlock Slough Lift Station design.  This project will look at replacing the gravity sewer from the Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Spine Trail in 28th Street in Milford.  From the trail going west, the force main will be replaced.  This project will start after the lift station is nearing completion.