2024 Planned Capital Improvements

These are the planned improvements for 2024.  The planned spending of $12,600,000 for this calendar year.

Orleans Lift Station Replacement

This project is the start of the Big Spirit Lake collection system improvements.  The Orleans lift Station was originally built in 1954.  The lift station was rebuilt in 1981.  This lift station takes the most of the wastewater from around Big Spirit Lake and the Iowa portions of the shoreline of Little Spirit Lake.  The lift station also receives wastewater from Spirit Lake in an approximate area of 140th Street south to 28st Street and the from Keokuk Avenue to the shoreline of East Okoboji Lake.  The lift station will be rebuilt in it current location.  The this project is scheduled to go out to bid the first half of 2024 and will be completed in last 2025.  The total estimated cost of this project is $4,000,000.



This project will replace three force mains for current and future lift station improvements.  This project will replace the Orleans Lift Station force main, the Garlock Slough force main and the Green Acres force main.  The new Orleans force main will go adjacent to the current force main from the lift station.  The pipe size will be increased as part of this project.  The Garlock Slough force main will be installed in preparations new Garlock Slough Lift Station that will start construction in 2025.  The Green Acres force main will be installed to relocate the flow to the Garlock Slough force main.  This will create capacity from Jones Beach through the southerly parts of Maywood.  This project has an estimated total cost of $6,200,000.


This project will be stabilizing the canal side of the Eagle Point lift station.  This lift station sits on the side of the canals in Wahpeton and bank it eroding away.  To protect the lift station, the Sanitary District will have a contractor come in stabilize the canal bank.  This project has been held up for permitting, but should approved and ready to start in late 2024 with completion in early 2025.  The total project cost is estimated to be $150,000.


This project will move the end manhole at the  Templar Park boat ramp back into the pavement area, to get it out of the low area.  The project will also extend a manhole to the other side of the low area and reconnect the South Templar Park sewer system to the new manhole.  This project time line is still to be determined, but is expected to occur in 2024.  The total project cost is estimated at $250,000.


The design work for the Garlock Slough Lift Station, West Lake Interceptor and the South Center Core projects will be completed during 2024.  The designs for these projects will cost around $3,000,000.