These are the planned project for 2025.  The Sanitary District has budgeted $9,500,000 spending for this calendar year.


The improvements to the west interceptor collection system will start at the waste water treatment plant and go west on 28th Street.  The project will continue west across Highway 71 and to Highway 86.  It will follow continue in the Highway 86 road right-of-way until it gets the the lift station.  Once the lift station is completed, the work will start on the collection system that will continue north up to the intersection of Highway 86 and Edgewood Avenue in Wahepton.  The project is estimated to cost around $4,000,000.


This project will start as soon as possible to replace the existing Garlock Slough lift station south and east of the intersection of Highway 86 and 210th Street.  The project will build a new lift station that will have three pumps with room for variable frequency drives (VFD's) and a dry well/wet well lift station set up.  This will be planned to take water from the Emerson Bay area and possible the Jones Beach area.  The cost for this project is estimated at $3,000,000.

Big Spirit Lake Improvements

As funds are available, improvements to lift stations and force mains for Big Spirit Lake will continue moving forward.