May 4, 2015

Work is completed on the private sewer service connections.  The only changes you may see on your property is flags.  Most properties should have a green flag, this is the location of your private sewer service connection to the public main.  Some private sewer services go to the manhole and no flag would be present in those situations.  If you find a pink flag between your home and the green flag, that identifies a possible issue with you sewer line.  The Sanitary District has started to review the private sewer services and will be in contact with the property owners that have issues that were identified.

April 1, 2015

Central Iowa Televising has been hired to camera the private sewer service lines in the Okoboji Harbor prior to the main project starting.  This camera work will be done from the public sewer line.  A small remote vehicle will be placed in the public sewer and then drove until it gets to a private sewer connection.  A small camera on the remote vehicle will then be pushed up the private line to do an inspection.  The camera will be able to locate the connection of the private line to the public sewer service that will assist with limiting the digging if needed on a private property for the larger construction project.

The inspection will provide the Sanitary District and property owner of the condition of their sewer line, the location of the sewer line and material type of the private service.  The camera operators will be recording all the sewer lines that are inspected.  If issues are found the Sanitary District will provide that information to the property owner.

The video below give you an idea of how the inspection will work