Solar Project at Waste Water Treatment Plant

The first solar panels are going on to the racking as of 9/16/2020.  This is the first of eight rows that will be going up.

First solar panels going up on the racking at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. (9/16/2020)












The Solar Project at the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District Waste Water Treatment Plant started Construction on Tuesday September 8, 2020.  The project will continue over the next several weeks.  The Solar Project will provide up to 0.5 megawatt of power to off set cost power cost for the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The pay back is estimated to be about 7 years.

The wastewater Treatment Plant is located near the outlet of Lower Gar on 28th Street in Milford.  The wastewater treatment plant takes wastewater from Orleans, Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park, West Okoboji Wahpeton, Milford and unicorporated areas around the Iowa Great Lakes.  The plant treats about 2.5 million gallons of wastewater a day the discharges the treated water to Milford Creek.

Support Post for the Solar Panels Being Installed
Off loading the first pallet of Solar Panels 9/10/2020


The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District has started a project to create more capacity for the center core system of the Sanitary District’s collection system. This project includes a new lift station that will be located north of the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and 220th Avenue. This lift station will replace the 1930’s era lift station that is within 120 feet of West Okoboji Lake on Alexander Street, in the City of Okoboji. The new lift station will pump water south down Lakeshore Drive, then east on Nature Center Road (formerly County Home Road) to the Nature Center where the line will then turn south and go to Brooks Golf Course. At Brooks Golf Course the new sewer force main will go under the golf course towards an area behind Liberty National Bank. The line will then go south to Brooks Park Drive to the Highway 71 Right-of-Way then go south in front of Amercinn and Arrowwood Resort where it will connect with the existing public sewer system.

The lift station project has started and is contracted to be substantially completed by September 25, 2020.
The sewer pipe installation is broken up into four bid packages.

Bid Package #1 is the open trench installation of sewer from south parking lot of Arrowwood Resort north to AmericInn, then west approximately 550 feet, then the line will go north about another 900 ft and stop. This will be all gravity sewer that will be installed. Bid Package #1 is to be substantially completed by May 1, 2020.

Bid Package #2 is the directional boring installation of force main sewer in two areas. The first directional boring will start in an area behind Liberty National Bank and will go under Brooks Golf Course to the north west into an area south of the Nature Center.  The pipe will then go on the west side of the current Nature Center Driveway up to Nature Center Road.  The second directional boring area will be from the intersection of Nature Center Road and Lakeshore Drive going north to the new lift station site. The pipe will stay on the east side of Lakeshore Drive. Bid Package #2 is to be substantially completed by May 8, 2020.

Bid Package #3 is the open trench installation of force main sewer to connected the two direction drilling sites. Along with this a new gravity sewer line will be installed from Lakeshore Drive east to the Nature Center, on Nature Center Road. This project will be substantially completed by May 29, 2020.

Bid Package #4 is open trench installation of new gravity sewer from the old lift station on Alexander Street to the new lift station site. This work will start in the early fall of 2020.