Lakeshore Drive Interceptor Project

This project will be installing an interceptor sewer line at the intersection of Lakeshore Drive by Colcord’s Point and going down Lakeshore Drive to Alexander Street.  This sewer line will be installed with a trenchless method.  Bolton and Menk are the engineers on the project and information on the project can be found at the following Link Lakeshore Drive Project

Notice To Bidders Center Lake Phase 2 Sewer Project

This project is for the installation of gravity sewer on the south end of Center Lake in Dickinson County, Iowa.  The project will contain both guided directional boring methods and open trench installation of C900 pipe.  This project is to allow for several properties in this area to be able to connect to the public sewer system and remove septic systems that are creating water quality issues in Center Lake and secondary issues for West Okoboji Lake.  The notice to bidders can be found at the link below.

Center Lake Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase 2 Notice to Bidders

Solar Project at Waste Water Treatment Plant

The first solar panels are going on to the racking as of 9/16/2020.  This is the first of eight rows that will be going up.

First solar panels going up on the racking at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. (9/16/2020)












The Solar Project at the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District Waste Water Treatment Plant started Construction on Tuesday September 8, 2020.  The project will continue over the next several weeks.  The Solar Project will provide up to 0.5 megawatt of power to off set cost power cost for the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The pay back is estimated to be about 7 years.

The wastewater Treatment Plant is located near the outlet of Lower Gar on 28th Street in Milford.  The wastewater treatment plant takes wastewater from Orleans, Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park, West Okoboji Wahpeton, Milford and unicorporated areas around the Iowa Great Lakes.  The plant treats about 2.5 million gallons of wastewater a day the discharges the treated water to Milford Creek.

Support Post for the Solar Panels Being Installed
Off loading the first pallet of Solar Panels 9/10/2020

Notice to Bidders East Lake Interceptor Relocation Project

The full Notice to Bidders for the East Lake Interceptor Project is found at the link below. The work in general includes the following:

A sewer interceptor relocation within Orr’s Camp Winakawin RV Park and a short sewer replacement east of Upper Gar Lake and south of Linden Dr, both in Dickinson County, IA.  It consists of furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete the installation, via open cut construction of approximately 500 LF of 8-inch diameter, 350 LF of 10-inch diameter, 900 LF of 24-inch diameter, and 650 LF AWWA of 30-inch diameter, all C900 DR 18 polyvinly chloride (PVC) gravity sanitary sewer (East Lake Interceptor) and new manholes.  It also includes several 4-inch diameter servcies to be installed along with 8-inch where RV stalls are present; abandonment of 24-inch diameter gravity sewer; abandonment of concrete manholes; service stub outs at manholes; and reconnection of existing sanitary sewer services.  Additionally, the project is anticipated to involve excavation, dewatering, backfill, roadway/trail removal and replacement (gravel and concrete), utility relocation and adjustment, and sitework, together with related subsidiary and incidental work in accordance with the plans and specifications.

Notice to Bidders East Lake Interceptor Relocation Project 2020-2