The Clean Water Act identifies certain industries that may impact wastewater treatment facilities.  These specific industries must have an agreement to discharge to the wastewater collection system.  The Sanitary District will work with different industries and the Iowa DNR to ensure that the Clean Water Act if followed and the wastewater discharged is not hazardous to the wastewater treatment operations.  In most cases, a pre-treatment agreement is established between the industry and the Sanitary District.  The agreement is provided to the Iowa DNR and it added to the Sanitary District NPDES permit,

Furthermore, the Sanitary District ordinances sets limits on specific parameters for wastewater to not exceed.  If it appears that the wastewater is going to exceed those limits or has the possibility of exceeding the plants discharge limits, then the Sanitary District may require a pre-treatment agreement.

If an industry or commercial operation is coming to the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District, it is best to talk with the Sanitary District about rules and regulations for wastewater discharge, as soon as possible.