Fats, Oils and Grease (fog)

Fats, Oils and Grease can generally called FOG and can cause major impacts a private and a public sewer system.  FOG in large amounts is generally from commercial or industrial operations.  FOG leaves a property in hot water as a liquid and it cools off, it becomes a sticky solid.  FOG will attach to the walls of about any pipe.  Once start to build on the inside of the pipe, it generally breaks off in larger pieces the flow down stream in the pipe until it get stopped by a irregularity in the pipe.  The FOG materials all will capture in the same area and then the sewer starts to backup in the pipe.  If this build up in the pipe is to big, it wills start to make water going into private homes.

All commercially operated kitchens such as restaurants, school lunch rooms, hospitals, catering kitchens, industrial food work, automotive repair shops and others are required to have a grease trap or a grease interceptor.  These devises needs to be sized to the properly for their use, must be installed properly so hot water does not run through the grease devise, and needs to be cleaned and maintain to the manufactures recommendations.  The Sanitary District is working on a FOG program which will require inspection, record keeping and other requirements to ensure that the amount of grease to the public sewer is limited.