Sanitary District and City Billing

If you live in the cities of Spirit Lake, Arnolds Park or Milford, you should see a sewer bill from the city monthly or quarterly.  You will also receive a bill every six months from the Sanitary District.  The following will explain the reasons:

The cities of Spirit Lake, Arnolds Park and Milford all have their own sewer system that collects waste water within their cities.  The cities sewer systems carry that water to the Sanitary District's system and then to the Sanitary District's wastewater treatment plant.  The billing for the cities pays to maintain the cities sewer system.  The Sanitary District's billing pays for the Sanitary District sewer system and the treating of the wastewater.

Without this system, the area could have up to seven different wastewater treatment plants.  This would increase the cost of sewer billing significantly for everyone.  This is the reason why you maybe getting two sewer bills, one from the City and one from the Sanitary District.