Sewer Fees

The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District collects waste water from Orleans, Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park, West Okoboji, Milford, Wahpeton and some of the incorporated areas around the Iowa Great Lakes.

Sewer fees are based on water usage at the property.  We receive water meter readings from all the drinking water providers with the exception of Iowa Lakes Regional Water system.

The Sanitary District only bills twice a year.  Generally the billing go out in February and in August.  The sewer bill has two components, the first is the base charge.  The base charge is paid a head and is $5.00 per month or $30.00 each billing.  The second part of the sewer bill is the water usage.  This is charged on what was used the last 6 months.  The water usage charge is $1.35 for every 1,000 gallons used.

Homes that are on wells or do not have meter readings provides are billed base charge like the properties that are metered.  The water usage is estimated at 20,000 gallons per 6 months at $1.35 for every 1,000 gallons used.

If you live in the Cities of Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park or Milford you may receive a sewer bill from these cities as well.  These cities have their own sewer system that collects wastewater in their cities and takes it to the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary Sewer system which it is then gets to the treatment plant for processing.

If you are buying a new property, selling property or renting a place where tenant is responsible for paying the sewer, you need to contact the Sanitary District office or you can provide the information online.  CHANGE OF ACCOUNT INFORMATION

The last rate change for the Sanitary District was in December of 2007.