These are the minimum requirements for building sewers.  The policy has been approved by the Trustees of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District.  If there is a situation that does not fall under this policy, then the staff will research the situation and make a recommendation to the Trustees on how to proceed.



A private gravity sewer lines must be a minimum of 4 inch in diameter.

If more that on parcel or lot have a sewer that join together or are connected to the get to the public sewer main, then it must be a minimum of 6 inches in diameter.  This property will also be required to have a maintenance agreement and sewer easement must be on file with the Dickinson County Recorders office before a sewer  or inspection permit can be issued.

All joints of the sewer line must be glued with purple primer and blue glue.

All joints of the private sewer main must be inspected before being buried.