planned 2023 capital improvement projects

These are the Capital Improvement Planned for 2023.  The estimated cost for 2023 is estimated to be around $19,000,000.


Lift Station Improvements Project

The study from 2022 will continue on in to 2023.  The final work will determine the improvements to each of the lift station and the wastewater force mains.

Arc Flash Study

This will evaluate the electrical system for the lift stations and wastewater treatment plant.  This evaluation is due to changes in the arc flash requirements and this is to verify the current arc flash documentation is current with today's standards.  The is project is estimated to cost $50,000.

Shop, Lab and Office Improvements Project

This project will start in early summer of 2023.  The project was bid out and awarded to Woodruff Construction from Spencer, Iowa.  The bid price is $14,938,769.00. The project will take between 18 to 24 months.  The project will removed the deteriorating trickling filter building (commonly call the round house), build a new shop, cold storage facility, expand the wastewater laboratory and expand the office area.  The project will also improve security, add additional parking to the facility.

South Center Core Design

The South Center Core Project is schedule to be started in 2025.  This project will look to install a new sewer line next to the existing sewer line from the wastewater treatment plant, north through Hunter Hills, Fairways At Emerald Hills South, Emerald Hill Golf Course and Emerald Pines Subdivision.  This project is looking to be funded with SRF funding.  The rough estimated price of this project is $9,000,000.

Francis Site Hafer Point Improvement Project

During inspection in 2022, the Sanitary District staff found a sewer pipe that was cracked and settled in the Francis Sites area.  The issue was found about 10 feet outside of a end manhole.  The District will be the sewer line from the lift station to the end manhole starting in the middle of July 2023 and should have the project completed by Thanksgiving 2023.  The project was bid out and awarded to BD Construction Service LLC from Spencer, Iowa.  The bid price was $330,814.00.


Orleans Lift Station Design

The Orleans Lift Station that is located on the south end of Big Spirit Lake is the first lift station that will get improvements for the Spirit Lake Improvements project.  This lift station will go from a two pump to a three pump VFD lift station.  The lift station design will be similar to that design for the Hayward Bay lift station that was built in 2021.  This lift station takes wastewater from about the north 2/3's of the City of Spirit Lake, all the wastewater from the Spirit Lake grade south to the Spillway on the west side of Big Spirit Lake, and from the south about 125th Street south to the Spillway on the east side of Big Spirit Lake.

This may also include an replacement of the force main that goes north along the trail and ends near the intersection 15th Street.