planned 2023 capital improvement projects

These are the Capital Improvement Planned for 2023.  The estimated cost for 2023 is estimated to be around $7,500,000.


Lift Station Improvements Project

This project will make the needed improvements approved by the Trustees based on the study of the Ucempco Lift Station Study from 2022.  This project at a minimum will replaced all the pumps, controls, electrical systems process piping, minor repairs to structures and possibly other items found within the study.  The estimated cost is $2,000,000 for this project.


The digesters are part of the wastewater treatment plant operations.  The digesters were installed in the late 1970's and have been rehabilitated once about 10 years ago.  Due to the age and a possible change of the way the digesters operate, the evaluation will clean the structures out and then evaluate the structural integrity of the structures and the covers/lids.  This project is estimated to cost $100,000.

Arc Flash Study

This will evaluate the electrical system for the lift stations and wastewater treatment plant.  This evaluation is due to changes in the arc flash requirements and this is to verify the current arc flash documentation is current with today's standards.  The is project is estimated to cost $50,000.

South Center Core Design

The South Center Core Project is schedule to be started in 2024.  This project will look to install a new sewer line next to the existing sewer line from the wastewater treatment plant, north through Hunter Hills, Fairways At Emerald Hills South, Emerald Hill Golf Course and Emerald Pines Subdivision.  This work is to do the survey and design work through bidding.


This project goes along with the lift stations, but the work is generally completed by different contractors.  This will look at replacing the existing force mains from the lift stations on as part of the Ucempco project.  The goal is to have the force mains directionally bored in as many places as possible.  Funds allocated to this project are $4,800,000.