The Capital Improvements projects completed and planning are listed below for 2022 and totaled $1,998,600.


Lift Station Study

This study is to evaluate the Ucempco Lift Station on Big Spirit Lake and East Okoboji Lake.  The study will evaluate future capacity needs, pump sizing, force main sizing and possible elimination of a lift station and possible relocation of two lift stations.  When the study is completed, the project will be replacing pumps, process piping, electrical systems, making minor repairs to structures among other items.  The Ucempco style lift stations have been in operation for almost 50 years and due to good maintenance have lasted beyond the intended life span.  The study for this project is not to exceed $341,700 and is being completed by Bolton and Menk Inc.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Plan and Nutrient Reduction Study

This is a requirement by the Iowa DNR for evaluating nutrient reduction in the wastewater treatment plant discharge to Milford Creek.  This needs to be done as required by the permit issued by the Iowa DNR for the Sanitary District to discharge treated wastewater into Milford Creek.  This requirement is part of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy.  Wastewater treatment plants are a small percentage of the nutrients in Iowa's waterway but do to the fact they are permitted discharges and  non-point water discharges such as storm sewers and tile outlets, wastewater treatments plants are required to make reductions.

The Sanitary District's discharge to Milford Creek is permitted by the Iowa DNR.  As part of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy wastewater treatment plants are being required to reduce phosphorus and nitrogen discharged to streams.  Urban and population-related sources of nutrients were found to be 12% of phosphorus and 9% of nitrogen issues according to a graph by the USGS .  This is a very small portion of the nutrients in Iowa's streams what includes wastewater treatment plants.  Since, wastewater treatment plants are regulated for discharge, the limits can be required to be limited.

The report needs to be provide to the Iowa DNR by August 1, 2023.  The cost of this work is $123,500 and is being completed by Bolton and Menk Inc.

Cold Storage and Shop, Lab and Office Improvements

This project will start by building a new cold storage unit on the property.  The current cold storage facility was build in the early 1950's and used a a trickling filter system, until the late 1970's.  The structure was then used for cold storage. The building is falling apart and needs to be removed.

Following the construction of the new cold storage, the current cold storage facility will be demolished.  A new shop will be added to the existing shop facility.  The addition to the shop will be to house the vactor truck inside in a heated structure.  Currently the vactor truck is winterized and then placed into cold storage.  The causes issues when the truck is needed in the winter.

Along with the new shop, the lab and office will be renovated.  The lab facilities are over 40 years old and with new testing requirements, the lab need to be updated.  An addition to the existing building will be house a new office area.



This project is to rehabilitate three primary and three secondary clarifiers at the wastewater treatment plant (the circular items seen in the aerial photo).  The drives and the mechanism inside the clarifiers will be removed.  The drives will be refurbished while when they are taken out.  The mechanisms will be blasted to remove the paint, evaluated for damages, repaired if needed and repainted.  The troughs the water flows in will be grouted if needed to remove low spots and the have an epoxy liner added to preserve the concrete and make for easier maintenance.  The bid price of the project is $1,384,000. and was awarded to John T. Jones Construction of Fargo, North Dakota.

This project was completed in November of 2022.  The project was completed on time and under budget at a cost of $1,284,000.

Collection System Modeling

An updated modeling of the collection system will be completed to determine future project needs and evaluate the capacity for future developments.  The previous modeling program was created by HR Green.  Bolton and Menk was hired to update the model for the collection system at a cost of not to exceed at $249,400.