Backup power for the entire WWTF is provided through a new standby engine generator.  The engine generator gives the plant the capability to maintain its operation independently of emergency situations such as power outages, or during normal peak power demand periods.  Backup power is essential to meet permit conditions at all times.

Automatic control of the treatment processes and various systems is accomplished through a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.  This computer-based monitoring and control system consists of control stations (computers) which allow the plant operators to interface with multiple programmable logic controllers (PLCs).  The operators are able to view monitored parameters such as equipment run status, tank level, or flow rate, as well as make process adjustments.

Several new buildings were constructed including a Headworks Building to house the screening and grit equipment; a Primary Treatment Building which houses a variety of sludge pumping equipment, sludge thickeners and containers space for future chemical storage; and a Secondary Treatment Building which contains sludge pumps in the lower level and a new laboratory and restroom facilities in the upper level.  The process control analysis is completed in the laboratory to ensure compliance with the facility's discharge permit.

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