Funding the Sanitary District

The Sanitary District is funded through two sources, the connection and usage of the waste water system and through property taxes.  These funding sources are established by Iowa Code Chapter 358.

The Sanitary District rental rates are set by the board of trustees within the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary Code of Ordinances.  The current usage fee is $1.35 for 1,000 gallons of water used.  The base charge for having a connection is different depending on the land usage of the property.

The Sanitary District sends out billings twice a year.  The first billing is done in February and the second is done in August.  The only exception is in Arnolds Park where the City collects the payments for the Sanitary District.

All sewer billing not paid by the second Tuesday of May will be certified to the county Auditors office in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 358.  The certified amounts are added to the property tax for that specific property for the next fiscal year.