Solar Project at Waste Water Treatment Plant

The first solar panels are going on to the racking as of 9/16/2020.  This is the first of eight rows that will be going up.

First solar panels going up on the racking at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. (9/16/2020)












The Solar Project at the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District Waste Water Treatment Plant started Construction on Tuesday September 8, 2020.  The project will continue over the next several weeks.  The Solar Project will provide up to 0.5 megawatt of power to off set cost power cost for the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The pay back is estimated to be about 7 years.

The wastewater Treatment Plant is located near the outlet of Lower Gar on 28th Street in Milford.  The wastewater treatment plant takes wastewater from Orleans, Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park, West Okoboji Wahpeton, Milford and unicorporated areas around the Iowa Great Lakes.  The plant treats about 2.5 million gallons of wastewater a day the discharges the treated water to Milford Creek.

Support Post for the Solar Panels Being Installed

Off loading the first pallet of Solar Panels 9/10/2020