Okoboji Harbor – Section B


Section B of the rehabilitation project is scheduled for August of 2015.  This part of the project is to install a structural liner in the existing pipe where the was not deformed or had minor issues.  Pipe lining will be done in some of the areas were open trench repairs were made to ensure the entire pipe is one solid piece.  The structural liner is like installing a new pipe inside the old pipe.  The new pipe will have the strength to meet the requirements of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District.

Municipal Pipe and Tool Company from Hudson, Iowa was the low bidder on this project.  Will plan to start the second week of January 2016 and believe it will take about two weeks for the main line work.  Then they will have a sub-contractor finish up the service connection lining.  The service connection line is adding a liner into the private sewer services in the pipe lining area.  This liner will extend five feet into the private services and ensures a good bond and transition from the private sewer to the public sewer service.  The private sewer service work will be done from the second week on January until about the second week of February.

The contractor during will be contacting property owners five days and 24 hours prior to them doing any work.  Some sewer services will be down for a few hours but the time should be minimal.


Pipe lining is basically placing a pipe within a pipe, without digging up the entire pipe to be fixed.  This is a very cost effective way of repairing older pipes that need to be sealed or strengthened that do not have deformations present.  The process is started by cleaning the sewer line.  Then a felt-type liner with a resin material (glue) is placed into the pipe and is cured in place.  The completed product is a new pipe as strong as new PVC pipe, inside of the old pipe.  The private service connections to the newly lined sewer main are then cut out by a remote-controlled machine from the inside of the sewer main pipe.  A piece of the pipe liner material is added into the private service pipe to secure the private sewer service pipe to the new liner in the sewer main.  See the video below for more details.